Onamia Mud Runs, Memorial Day Weekend, 1999

Unfortunately, we weren't quite on the ball with pictures at this event, but I can say that it was the most fun I've had at an event in a couple of years.  We started out by repairing our problematic throttle bracket that keeps preventing us from being able to open the secondaries.  We also fixed the front driveshaft that we broke the last time out, and tried booting the splines on both the front and rear driveshafts to keep them from filling with mud and binding.  

On our first run, we took aim at a deep hole in the bog that nobody had tried yet, kicked in the secondaries, and were making great progress through the hole when the brand new front driveshaft let go.  That left us in two wheel drive again, and buried.  Luckily, the event organizers had two logging skid steers that drove around all day and pulled people out.  We returned to our campsite and proceeded to repair the driveshaft.  We were smart enough to get a backup driveshaft when we bought our new front driveshaft, so we were able to fix the broken shaft.  We also had spit the degree shims out of the front axle, which loosened up the front u-bolts, and let the whole axle shift around.  It was probably this problem that killed the driveshaft.  Fortunately for us, the shims had gotten tangled up in the weeds that the front axle was encased in, and we were able to re-install them and get the truck back into action in a couple of hours.  Just in case though, we disconnected the secondaries to de-tune the motor so that we wouldn't break another driveshaft.

The rest of the event went fairly well, but after breaking two driveshafts in two events, and spending close to a grand on driveshafts and components, we were determined to rework the front axle so that we could reduce the chances of snapping another driveshaft.

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