Mud & More, July 18-19, 1999
Buffalo, MN
If you look back at the previous Mud & More events, you will notice that they left a lot more water in the pit this time.  While more water was at first welcome, it wound up causing us more problems than we expected.  Most of the problems were due to shorting spark plugs.  Much of the reason we were getting that wet was that you couldn't see where the big holes were since they were covered with water that you couldn't see through.

Our feelings were that they should have run the pit as normal on Saturday, but added water on Saturday night, so that the pit didn't dry out.

Our big modification for this event was to add 20 shims to the front axle.  We will be detailing the fab & install when we can get a chance to.  We also re-arranged our cooling fan setup.  We replaced the single fan on the radiator with a shrouded dual fan unit.  We then moved the single fan into the hood scoop to keep the engine compartment temperatures down.

You can see here that we have also made some improvements to our campsite.  The RV, dubbed the 'Magic Toaster', is on loan from my in-laws.  The shade tent is a permanent addition that we are not quite sure how we lived without.  It is a must for those long

Highlander's first run shows how difficult it was to find the holes.  We played around the edge to start out with, then saw Baxter find the first hole of the day.
Being the nice guys we are, we stopped and pulled him out.  You can see how deep of a hole he is in when you look at his 50"+ tractor tires.
After pulling Baxter out, we almost followed him around the back of the pit, but changed our minds after finding another hole...  It won't be the last one.  We backed out of this one & took a break.
After bs'ing for a few minutes with the rest of the wheeling crowd, we decided to head out again.  This time I drove.  Since I'm still touted as being a featherfoot, I decided to trek through the deep end, which had gotten a lot deeper since the last time I went through!

After getting stuck in one hole, and working our way out only to find another, deeper hole, we finally had to concede defeat and get pulled out.  When I jumped out of the truck, I found out why we were stuck.  The water went up past my waist at each side of the truck, but was about knee deep in the middle.  It didn't help that we had gotten one of the spark plugs wet working out of the first hole either.

Despite the shorting plug wire, we still had enough horses to lift a front tire on the way out.
It looked like this Chev. had gone fishing...

But apparently tires that don't dig deep helped him keep from sinking too far, and he backed right out.

Just a few more sights from Buffalo...


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