Hertel, 4th of July Weekend, 2001

Over the 4th of July weekend in 2000, we were still pondering the fate of Highlander and it's bent frame.  On a bit of a whim, we took a drive through Hertel, and stumbled upon a new mud run at a new site put on by the Ringneck Creek Hunt Club.  Those of you who have read about the build-up of Highlander probably know that the truck's maiden voyage was at a run in Hertel, WI.  As things seem to happen, that site was sold, and the Hertel run became no more.  At least until it was reincarnated at the hunt club.

I started out Hertel being decidedly cautious.  After breaking lots of drivetrain components over Memorial Weekend, I didn't want to end up loading early again.  This was also the first run for the Dana PowerLock up front.  I had debated long and hard after the old TrackLock blew up at Onamia about whether to go with another posi unit, or to put a spool in.  Ultimately, I decided to go with the posi, since it would put less stress on the front axle components.  After all, the old TrackLock with just two spider gears lasted for four years, the new PowerLock with four spiders ought to last quite a bit longer - right???

Nick, however, wasn't having any problems with cautiousness, and dove right in!

Meanwhile, I decided to warm up by performing a few extractions.

Despite Nick's valiant efforts, two truck lengths appears to be "the mark"


Next it's my turn...


The conclusion - about the same.

As you can see from this bunch, stuck was pretty much the order of the day.  It was very difficult to make much of a dent in the pit, and those that did were often difficult to extract.  For a while, it was more fun to play tow truck than be stuck so often.

(Not) caught on tape...

I had actually made it to the point of trees, but that's as far as I could go.  Nick came and got me out, but neither of us could make it up the greasy incline at the edge of the pit.

We're going to make it!

I think I can...
I think I can...
I think I can...

Oh, s**t, we're stuck!

We pulled him through to the other side, so I guess he did make it.

I did manage to salvage one run where I didn't get stuck somewhere along the way.  Then, since I was only up for the day, I quit while I was ahead.

(Ok, inverting a spring shackle played a role too, but I fixed that after the truck was on the trailer.

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