Hertel, Labor Day Weekend, 2001

Labor day weekend brought us back to Hertel, and the Ring Neck Hunt Club's mud run again. 

The pit definitely didn't get any shallower since the 4th of July.  I started right in, and wound up in basically the same place.  It was easy to see that this weekend was going to have mostly two wheeling options:  get buried, and pull.
Nick didn't waste any time wheeling over and giving me a tug.  One nice thing about getting stuck so close to "shore" is that you can walk right up to the pull point to get hooked up!

Nick's turn came next. 

The results were basically the same.

This bright yellow Ford tried the old tiptoe method to get into the pit.

It looks like that method doesn't work either!

Bug Bug was next up to the plate.

Tractor tires didn't do him much good either, but it at least put on a better show.

This old Ford dipped a wheel in, but didn't quite like what he saw.  Good thing for him that both front and rear axles were locked...  because I would bet that the right rear tire wasn't helping much when he backed out.

Mike picked a good line, and made it a little more than half way across the pit!  We decided that it would be a better pull if we took him out forwards.  It was sort of the cheap way to make him the first to cross the pit this weekend.

It wasn't exactly an easy pull though...

< The first attempt didn't get too far!

Try number 2 really didn't either >

< With a little adjustment, try number 3...

Didn't make it that time either!

4th time turned out to be the charm.

Somewhere in all of that dust, is Mike throwing
roosters as he makes it out of the pit.

You can watch the video of this pull here!

This was the first run I made all weekend where I didn't get stuck.   It didn't last though! 

Nick took out another transfer case adapter later on Saturday.  Luckily, he was able to scrounge one up from one of the neighbors, and was back in the pit by Sunday afternoon.

That's not just one truck I'm pulling on...  Actually it's two!  The truck I'm pulling got stuck trying to back up to the tractor tire rig in the back.  As you can see, he's a little buried!

You've heard of "it's the thought that counts".  That's true in this case.  This jeep just didn't have enough mass to even get me to budge.

I sometimes have the same problem with the tractor tire rigs
- but I'm not afraid to try!

The Land Limo also made a pretty good shot across the middle.  This is as far as he got.  He was pulled out forwards too, and was the 2nd truck to make it across for the weekend (albeit with help!)

What else are you going to do when waiting around for a pull?


I had a few trucks to clear out to get to him.

Here is the 2nd truck I had to get out of the way.  I'm going to get on my soapbox here...   PLEASE when you take a truck mudding - whether you built it to wheel, or just took your street truck - MAKE SURE you have a good pull point!  The object circled in the picture to the right is the other guy's class IV trailer hitch, and definitely wasn't a good pull point.  Especially since I barely even pulled!

Ok, my public service message is over...  Here are a few more shots from the rest of the weekend.

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