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Edwin Carmichael JR - December 31st 2001, 09:10:39 PM
Your Trucks: dodge power wagon
Region you wheel in: dodge
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: fasteddiejr79@hotmail.com

Randy Cooper - December 30th 2001, 04:36:29 PM
Your Trucks: 84 chevy 39 boggers 454 stik dana 60 frunt 14corp rear bright orng mean as all hell
Clubs you're in: N.E.T never enuf throutle ottawa
Region you wheel in: ill vally by ottawa mud mud mud then hit a tree
Comments: I want to put duce and a half axles in it I have two doners olny one runs I have a jeep 48 w 283 chevy in it too fast hard to drive

Sparks - December 30th 2001, 08:07:29 AM
My URL:NergMud - made by players for players
Region you wheel in: erie
Comments: I like the page, don't apologise, you're doing a great job. Come to nergmud sometime and hang out though..it's telnet://nerg.net:4000
My E-Mail: muhogma@yahoo.com

Eric Briski - December 19th 2001, 07:04:09 AM
My URL: don't know
Your Trucks: 78 cj5
Clubs you're in: extreme mudders
Region you wheel in: berlin wisconsin
Comments: your site is good i really apreciatte it. u need to update it more. i found your site very nice. i yet to own a mudding truck but i go with my brother every time he goes out with his 78 cj5 with a 304 all bored out .50 over. with 4 1/2 pipes with 44's on and posse all around. we got it in the shop right now fixing it because of the wiring. but we will have it up and running next summer. i hope to have some pictures taken so i can submit them to here.
My E-Mail: briskt54@hotmail.com

Ricky - December 18th 2001, 10:54:53 AM
My URL: i dont know
Your Trucks: 1983 ford f 150 4x4, 1994 ford f 250 4x4 turbo diesel
Region you wheel in: south texas
Comments: ur site kicks ass, u need to update it tho! I love muddin and wheelin cept its gettin tougher here in south tx cause theres alot more ppl movin in here and we are losin our lots. Once again highlander seems like a kick ass truck and u guys just plain rock
My E-Mail: texas_rebel_007@hotmail.,com

Brenton Anderson - December 17th 2001, 10:33:19 AM
Your Trucks: 72 ford 10in lift with 427 boss 36in mud dogs
Clubs you're in: mad dog racing
Region you wheel in: moab utah
Comments: wish i had chevy

My E-Mail: smurri28@hotmail.com

Bridget Bethune "mud baby" - December 17th 2001, 06:38:23 AM
Your Trucks: I dont have a truck but we do have a grizzley 4-wheeler and a jeep and a rail buggy.
Region you wheel in: we like to go up to telico
Comments: I am not afraid to get "a little" dirty. I love wheelin out in the sticks and runnin through the mud. I believe theres a little redneck in everyone. Its alright to be a redneck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken Lane - December 14th 2001, 09:49:53 PM
Your Trucks: 1984 chev-ota.
Clubs you're in: none yet.
Region you wheel in: none in particular yet.
Comments: i have a 1984 toyota xtra cab pick-up with a 355 ci chevy and a 350 auto trans. w/ b&m shift kit. it also contains 3" body lift, 12" chevy lift springs as well as 44" super swamper boggers mounted on 14" x 15" aluminum alcoa wheels. i have all that with very few places to use it. if anyone out there knows of any places in the Ft. Dodge, iowa area to bog, race or simply play in the mud on a rainy day, please contact me. i am very eager. i love the fun and the thrill. i am going to try Dresser, Wisconsin this nex summer and see what happens. but i would like to still know about someplace more local to me.
My E-Mail: mudrnr2000@yahoo.com

Mark - December 11th 2001, 05:58:35 PM
Your Trucks: 1976 ford f150 44 in tires 460 motor custom 8 in body lift 12 in coils and leafs
Region you wheel in: brazil ind
Comments: The build up of the highlander is awesome. I have a 77 blazer I would like to build up like your truck. But I don't have enough time. Well I got to go like the truck keep me updated with any changes please?
My E-Mail: mark_1978@yahoo.com

Chad Banner - December 10th 2001, 11:16:32 AM
Your Trucks: 1982 Cheverolet
Region you wheel in: Western NC
Comments: Great website great lookin trucks and from the looks of it yall have a great time too

Rob - December 9th 2001, 10:25:41 AM
Your Trucks: 1985 F150 4x4 351W C6 Auto 32" Cooper STT's
Region you wheel in: Florida
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: Mustang072@aol.com

bruce woodward - December 8th 2001, 09:13:59 PM
Your Trucks: 78 f 150 4x4
Clubs you're in: hustlers car & truck club
Region you wheel in: missouri
Comments: like the build up . keep up the good work. im doing a frame off build up of my f 150 it got a 4 inch lif an a 3 inch body lift .im running 36 inch tires .an a 351 m with 2 four .do you have any more plans to make anothers mud runner or stay with that one?
My E-Mail: hustlersvp@webtv.net

Calvin Taylor - December 7th 2001, 09:14:20 AM
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: kingofgames_99@yahoo.com

4-low - December 2nd 2001, 02:25:55 PM
Your Trucks: 79 CJ-7, 88 Jeep Cheeroke, 79 Chevy Blazer
Region you wheel in: All over, mosty in southern states
Comments: Great site, you make me want to go and play in the mud right now. Thanks and keep on wheelin!
My E-Mail: fourlow79@hotmail.com

$$$$$$ FOR SALE $$$ - November 29th 2001, 12:36:32 PM
My URL: great deal
Region you wheel in: Dallas / FT Worth Texas
Comments: I have a set of 4 38x15.50r15 monster gumbo mudders by gateway ( Radials ) New ! never run. I sold the truck they were intened for . I paid over 1300.00 for the set , A great deal for the first 900.00 buys them . e- mail for pictures to mikecochillin1@aol.com
My E-Mail: mikecochillin1@aol.com

Theresa Steelman - November 28th 2001, 04:45:20 PM
Your Trucks: ''Big Red'' 1977 F-100 4x4, 4'' lift
Region you wheel in: all over Alaska
Comments: (no comment)

Chris "KODIAKMAN" Steward - November 22nd 2001, 03:29:25 PM
Your Trucks: 1996 F-150 4x4 2.5 Lift 33" Mudders 302 :(
Clubs you're in: West Texas Outlaws
Region you wheel in: Amarillo, Texas area
Comments: Great site you have here and there is even ALOT of info on here too....Keep up the good work! I would like to see some more recent pics of the Highlander though..... :)

Drive hard!
My E-Mail: yamahakodiakman@hotmail.com

poopy boots - November 22nd 2001, 06:17:58 AM
Your Trucks: toyota
Region you wheel in: westvirginia
Comments: your fourwheelers r auwsome i have a suzuki quadrunner its a 125 i use to have a 230 but you guys make good hard tuff four wheelers
My E-Mail: dude_bluedevil@hotmail.com

John May - November 19th 2001, 06:37:16 AM
Your Trucks: 1977 Ford F-150 4x4
Region you wheel in: Western Illinois
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: jmay0508@hotmail.com

They call me BIG muddin G - November 18th 2001, 10:42:51 PM
Your Trucks: 2001 4x4 dodgeram 5.9 v8 wit 4 inch lift . 96 chevyz71
Clubs you're in: mexican mudders

adam - November 18th 2001, 10:28:53 PM
Your Trucks: 96 dodge ram, 00 ford f 250, and 96 z71
Clubs you're in: mexican mudders
Region you wheel in: north texas
Comments: badass site keep it going
My E-Mail: adamtovar@hotmail.com

Griffin Herb - November 17th 2001, 08:43:05 AM
Your Trucks: 1971 and 1970 Jeepster Commandos 4x4s with 350 chevy's in each
Region you wheel in: Alabama
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: souwannabeahero@hotmail.com

Chris - November 16th 2001, 11:24:24 AM
Your Trucks: 95 Toy.
Clubs you're in: Southern style 4x4
Region you wheel in: I have a question
Comments: i have a 95 toy. with a 3" susp. life and body. i have 33 TSL. and a granny gear but i wondering what else can i do to add a little torque for the bigger holes. And do yall know any where around georgia that are good mud places
My E-Mail: Camaroga962002@yahoo.com

sonny kennedy - November 15th 2001, 12:52:10 AM
Your Trucks: 1974 dodge extended cab,shortbox powerwagon 4x4
Region you wheel in: the great northwest
Comments: I was surfing the net and came across your site and I think that it's pretty cool.. Thanks for shareing your stuff with everyone.. do you have memberships for anyone or do they have to live in your area?? Just curious.. your friend sonny kennedy
My E-Mail: mrmopar1966@hotmail.com

Heather - November 12th 2001, 08:33:12 AM
Your Trucks: looking to get a 79 ford 4x4
Clubs you're in: none yet
Region you wheel in: huffman ane conroe-tx
Comments: love the sight especially all the pics
My E-Mail: lil_countrygirl_281@yahoo.com

TEX - November 8th 2001, 01:55:39 PM
Your Trucks: '80 Toyota "Hot Street" Mud Racer
Clubs you're in: G.U.M.B.O., MMOR, MMRA
Region you wheel in: Missouri, USA!
Comments: Mark your calendars 'cause Top Mud Challenge V is AWN! June 22nd & 23rd, 2002 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Montgomery City, Missouri. We'll be running GUMBO sanctioned "Fast Track" classes Saturday night & GUMBO deep "Pit" classes Sunday afternoon. Had to go to 2 days 'cause we had 142 competition machines in 2001!!! See my site or contact me for details!

My E-Mail: mudslideq78@yahoo.com

Mike Borth - October 31st 2001, 04:36:41 PM
Your Trucks: 1978 Suburban
Region you wheel in: Wabno Wisconsin
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: looney_guy69@yahoo.com

chris - October 31st 2001, 12:58:35 PM
Your Trucks: '78 chv. 1/2ton short bed 4"lift 33"sport kings 350(for now)4 speed
Clubs you're in: none now looking for good ones
Region you wheel in: butler pa
Comments: kick ass picks. love bits and pieces. hope mine loks like that when i'm done
My E-Mail: ss454redneck@aol.com

ben - October 30th 2001, 10:42:16 PM
Your Trucks: 85 s-15 jimmy
Region you wheel in: north western states
Comments: you guys have the best site i have found so far and you guys kick ass

luke kruger - October 30th 2001, 08:49:11 AM
My URL: hi
Your Trucks: jewish ford
Clubs you're in: gay clubs
Region you wheel in: pipestone strip club
Comments: i am gay and i am proud of it
My E-Mail: coolcat_21_2004@hotmail.com

Mitch AKA TheBeast(truck) - October 24th 2001, 07:45:15 PM
Your Trucks: TheBeast 1974Ford3\4X4
Region you wheel in: Salem M.O.
Comments: hey i love the site also love highlander good work
My E-Mail: mudder74@webtv.net

Jake Albert - October 23rd 2001, 10:35:04 AM
Your Trucks: 1988 Ford Ranger SC
Region you wheel in: Colorado, South Dakota
Comments: I just moved to Arkansas I need help finding trails and like you site. Mud Forever!!!
My E-Mail: mandsalbert@arkansas.net

JUSTIN CARTER - October 18th 2001, 05:09:24 AM
Your Trucks: 97 z71 silverado and a 67 nova ss (car)
Region you wheel in: virginia
Comments: very great site really enjoyed you pics and your muddin stories great
My E-Mail: imissnc@hotmail.com

Chad Schrankel - October 16th 2001, 05:49:35 AM
Your Trucks: 1978 chevy, 350 .40 over th350, np205 8inch lift, dana 44, 12-bolt 3.73's 35 inch muds: 1977 chevy healthy 350, 2 1/2 ton rockwells 14inch lift dual-45"x13" tractor tires
Region you wheel in: Northwest Wisconsin
Comments: Cool site! Nice pict's of the build up.
My E-Mail: schrankelc@post.uwstout.edu

joe - October 15th 2001, 06:07:09 PM
Your Trucks: 82 k5 blazer 20inwheels 44in tall tires
Clubs you're in: the pissin folks off cause they get stuck in my holes club
Region you wheel in: ga
Comments: nice site
My E-Mail: davisbigwheels@aol.com

Jim Burgin - October 14th 2001, 04:58:55 PM
Your Trucks: 88 Ranger, 86 GMC 1500, 96 Explorer
Clubs you're in: none yet
Region you wheel in: Shasta County CA
Comments: Great site.. love the Highlander, hope my 88 ranger can reach that stage someday.. hehe
My E-Mail: TeknoDawg@webtv.net

jimbo "n" chad - October 14th 2001, 11:12:49 AM
Comments: toyota looks good on the blazerchasis

My E-Mail: polarb96@aol.com

Hibbert - October 13th 2001, 06:28:01 PM
Your Trucks: 1986 Chevy Blazer S10
Region you wheel in: Oregon
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: hib_76@yahoo.com

Chris Hollowell - October 12th 2001, 02:07:17 PM
Your Trucks: 79' Doge Ramcharger
Region you wheel in: Virginia
Comments: Love the site man.
My E-Mail: chollowe@gmu.edu

Jason - October 12th 2001, 09:00:38 AM
Your Trucks: 1985 chev 1/2tn 4in 33''350 th400
Clubs you're in: na
Region you wheel in: southern MN
Comments: Your sight is pretty cool
My E-Mail: witt_69@hotmail.com

Chris Holton - October 12th 2001, 07:34:25 AM
Your Trucks: 1987 f-150 dana 60's, 4.10 gears, skyjacker 12in. suspension lift, 39.5in. Boggers, it's got a 429 Cobra Jet motor and a 400 tranny and a np-205 t-casc
Region you wheel in: mid Michigan
Comments: (no comment)

trenton - October 10th 2001, 07:42:52 PM
Your Trucks: 82 bronco and 76 dodge powerwagon 8 inch lift 40 inch boggers
Region you wheel in: south Louisiana and Woodville Mississippi
Comments: ur site kicks royal ass

RAD DUKE - October 10th 2001, 01:41:53 PM
Clubs you're in: M.O.R.E. - MOBILE OFF ROAD EXTREME
Region you wheel in: LA - LOWER ALABAMA

Caleb Coots - October 8th 2001, 10:20:08 AM
Your Trucks: 91 Chevy, Z-71 offroad, 350 auto, about everything is factory; 86 Toyota, 3 in, 33 mud king, 4 banger
Region you wheel in: Northwest Missouri
Comments: I've learned alot by reading all the information you have posted. Mudathons are awesome. Only problem I have is the cost of break downs. I would love to fix my Chevy, but my checkbook disagrees with me. If you have pictures or suggestions to share with me,email me. I try to take as many pictures as I can when get in the mud with my friends.
My E-Mail: i_rather_be_in_montana@yahoo.com

warren armstrong - October 2nd 2001, 05:17:30 PM
Your Trucks: ford raider
Region you wheel in: brisbane australia
Comments: excellent website highlander looks like one tuff truck

kristian king - October 2nd 2001, 09:24:56 AM
Your Trucks: 1985 chev silvirado 4x4 short box
Region you wheel in: victoria, n.f
Comments: keep it four wheelin!!

chesley oney - October 1st 2001, 03:16:05 PM
Your Trucks: 81 chevy with 44inch boggers
Region you wheel in: texas
Comments: site kickass
My E-Mail: kickass@cs.com

John Unes - September 28th 2001, 08:41:26 PM
Your Trucks: 1991 Chevy K-1500- mostly stock height, with soon 2 in body and 33's and a six incher as soon as money allows :^)
Region you wheel in: Central Illinois
Comments: This site kicks ass, i love it!
My E-Mail: jwu91@yahoo.com

shawn - September 27th 2001, 11:01:33 AM
Comments: (no comment)

jake kubishta - September 27th 2001, 12:50:45 AM
Your Trucks: 74 & 85 chev & 88 suzuki samurai
Clubs you're in: mudd huntrs 4wd
Region you wheel in: Organ
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: kimholmes999@msn.com

ROGER GARCIA - September 17th 2001, 01:59:14 PM


Emilio Trevino - September 14th 2001, 09:24:16 PM
Your Trucks: 85 ford f-150 4x4
Region you wheel in: south texas
Comments: I have a 4in. susp. with 33 in mud ta i wanto toput bigger tires i bought a 3inch body lift
what is the biggest tires i could fit with out cutting my fendders the total amount of lift i have is 7 inches what could i fit what gears would be best for this the motor is a 351 windsor high output automatic the main thing i need to know is about the tires thanks emilio
My E-Mail: dairy_king2000@yahoo.com

Thomas Dennis - September 7th 2001, 05:14:35 AM
Your Trucks: 83 Chevy With 4 inch lift 4.56 gears. Ford explorer
Comments: Right now I'm in Korea but in April I will be living in North Dakota. I have wheeled at the Canadian River in Texas quite a bit.I like your site. If anyone has ever wheeled in western North Dakota E-mail me
My E-Mail: thomasdennis2002@yahoo.com

Ryan Martin - September 6th 2001, 09:54:56 AM
Your Trucks: well im out of luck in this depot! but my brother has a 79' CJ7 with a small 3/4" shackle lift and 1" rearched springs and 3" body lift over 33"-12.5" Super Swamper SSR's with AMC304
Region you wheel in: Jackson Mississippi
Comments: This page kicks major ass! Keep it updated as you have been doin and i will definantly be back for more looks!
My E-Mail: peanut4206@hotmail.com

Kasparian mud racing - September 4th 2001, 01:56:30 PM
Your Trucks: 1985 Blazer Bad Ass Bow Tie"Just Additude"
Clubs you're in: Bozni Brothers
Region you wheel in: N.W. IN.
Comments: Just a little 305 dyno at 435hp. Trouble with drive train 700R4 and 208NP transfer case. 456 gears front and rear.
My E-Mail: n.kasparian@worldnet.att.net

Kasparian mud racing - September 4th 2001, 01:50:23 PM
Your Trucks: 1985 Blazer Bad Ass Bow Tie"Just Additude"
Clubs you're in: Bozni Brothers
Region you wheel in: N.W. IN.
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: n.kasparian@worldnet.att.net

Brandon - September 4th 2001, 08:33:40 AM
Your Trucks: toyota 4x4
Region you wheel in: Texas
Comments: Which do you think is better a solid front axle or independent suspesnsion? and why?
My E-Mail: b_aery@hotmail.com

Wagon Wheel Mud Track - September 1st 2001, 07:03:25 PM
Your Trucks: '93 Nissan extracab
Region you wheel in: Southeast (Northwest Florida)
Comments: We have a great side by side mud track in the Southeast region. We have approx' 25 to 30 regular trucks and eight classes to run in. If you have something to run, we have a class for you to run in. Normal 200ft track, wide lanes, semi-wet fast track. Super-Stock times in the low 4's, with outlaws in the mid 3's. Come see us at Wagon Wheel Mud Track.
My E-Mail: ardrw@cyou.com

kenneth Roberts - September 1st 2001, 07:45:33 AM
Your Trucks: 83 1/2ton chevy ,4 inch lift ,35 1250 BFG MTs,10 to1 350, 600carb,373 gears auburn in rear,OD trans,8 miles to gal.or 3 hours whitch ever comes first
Clubs you're in: tx4x4 in San Antonio
Comments: Yall realy look like yall Know how to have a good time.
My E-Mail: ken29_1999@yahoo.com

Steve Chadock - August 28th 2001, 04:27:13 PM
Your Trucks: 82 Blazer ,383 Stroker,3/4 Ton Drivetrain,4.10's,42"Swampers
Region you wheel in: West Virginia
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: chadock@netassoc.net

Garth Ratza - August 26th 2001, 05:49:45 PM
Your Trucks: 1996 S-10 on a 1978 Blazer Frame
Clubs you're in: Stump Jumpers 4x4 club
Region you wheel in: Mid Michigan
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: auroraerin@yahoo.com

greg - August 22nd 2001, 03:36:15 PM
Your Trucks: 97 jeep TJ,85 subaru(lifted-called SWAMPAROO)
Clubs you're in: Orlando Jeep Club
Region you wheel in: Florida (SE)
Comments: I love this site. Really insane mud machines. Too much is rarely enough.Did the rock crawling thing out west for 5 years ,now that I'm back home in Fl I'm back in the mud. My Jeep is garaged undergoing transfer case surgery so I built a lift for my subaru wagon.I run 28" super swampers (can be seen at subaru4wd.com) ,keep adding to your cool site.
My E-Mail: jeepbrat@hotmail

DAVID WADE - August 21st 2001, 01:50:17 PM
Your Trucks: 90 CHEV. Z-71
Clubs you're in: WADE MOTORSPORTS
Region you wheel in: DALLAS, GA. FT. BRAGG, NC.

Josh Heid - August 20th 2001, 09:58:30 AM
Your Trucks: Nissan XE-V6
Region you wheel in: Southeast
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: Duke1Josh@aol.com

ryan brown - August 16th 2001, 08:36:43 AM
Your Trucks: 86' blazer, 9 inches sus. and 3 body w/ 42 boggers, 502 BBC
Region you wheel in: dallas area, when muddy
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: wrestlerboy145@aol.com

CANDY - August 16th 2001, 08:12:01 AM
Comments: (no comment)

Trevor Beard - August 15th 2001, 09:55:02 AM
Your Trucks: 94 nissan 4x4 33inch bf goodrichs pacer 15x8 chrome weels
Region you wheel in: alabama
Comments: (no comment)
My E-Mail: bigstump15@aol.com

Andy Inman - August 14th 2001, 08:21:41 AM
Your Trucks: 83 GMC suburban , 462 big block , 400turbo , 205 divorce case , 60 front , 14bolt rear , and 39.5 boggers
Region you wheel in: Mid MO
Comments: I always check to see what is new with your truck . I do wish I lived a lot closer so I could see it in action . Keep up the good work !
My E-Mail: ainman@socket.net

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