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David - December 28, 2004 - 21:0
My URL: n/a
bart rims, 350 , bulletproof trans, custom 8 inch suspension lift
Clubs you belong to?: none yet still building truck
Region you wheel in: Michigan
Michigan has good mudd when you dont have dnr comeing and telling you what ytou can and cant do with your swamps. I have a question why would you put an 8 inch body lift and a 6 inch sus, to me thats retarded. But yeh congrads Highlander crew love your trucks assome pictures.

JOSH GLOVER - December 27, 2004 - 10:26
Your Trucks: 1984 K-5 BLAZER
Region you wheel in: OKLAHOMA

chris Thibodeau - December 22, 2004 - 8:3
Region you wheel in: halifax nova scotia canada
good pictures lots of mud

kyile carter - December 15, 2004 - 18:21
Region you wheel in: midwest
i do alot of wheeling,we have a group that wheels together. mainly in IL. in the quad city area. we have a campground that lets us play in thier pond.I will sent you a picture of our pres.of the clubs truck,as soon as i find out how to scan the picture from the scanner to net. he loves the mud and his 2 1/2 tons militarys. but he's going to 5 ton militarys. he runs 48.00x25-20 ag tires. i'll sent a picture soon

Brian Nelson - December 10th 2004, 06:33:23 AM
Your Trucks: 1972 chevy 3/4 ton 8inch body lift 6 inch supention 45superswamprs with a 454 with all high preformance parts never gotten stuck or pulled
Clubs you're in: Boone river vally mudders
Region you wheel in: river mud, and pull on cement or gravel
Comments: Get a little mud on the tires
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angel - December 3rd 2004, 01:24:45 PM
Your Trucks: 04 Chevy Silverrado & Ford F550
Region you wheel in: California
Comments: Hey guys check this out
I purchased wheel covers for both my trucks they are awesome got nothing but compliments on my trucks and hey calling down there is great to they are fast and know their stuff
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Jeff Bennett - November 30th 2004, 05:15:19 AM
Your Trucks: 84' Chevy Silverado
Comments: Sweet site..alot of gr8 pics keep it goin
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blair tighe - November 29th 2004, 02:26:51 PM
Your Trucks: 86 ford ranger/89 jeep/72 ford f-150
Region you wheel in: cape breton canada
Comments: i like your site there is a lot of good pic's and i like the trucks

keep it goin see ya
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Stupid Retard - November 17th 2004, 11:57:40 AM
My URL: Fag
Your Trucks: 1990 Pontiac stepaside long bed 6 wheel drive
Region you wheel in: california
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Andre' - November 2nd 2004, 02:31:28 AM
Comments: Hello! It makes good mood again and again so well made and informative to visit as well as simply only beautiful sides. I would like to express that to you hereby. It really made fun for me. Let it you well go! Good bye!

Neil - October 21st 2004, 05:44:34 PM
Your Trucks: 1959 Chevy Apache
Clubs you're in: None yet!
Region you wheel in: Central California
Comments: I have a 1959 Chevy Apache sitting on a 75 blazer frame. Powered by a 350 with edelbrock carb, filter, and intake. Also has a 6" chasie and 3" body lift giving it a stance of just over 7'6". Sound system is 3000watts with infinitys all around and a sony dash unit. E- mail me if you have any questions

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jason - October 19th 2004, 10:11:50 AM
Your Trucks: 82 chevy 1/2 ton, with 12" lift 3" body 44" groundhogs
Region you wheel in: ohio, ky, in
Comments: your truck is the ****, im getting rid off the leaf springs and going to coil over shocks for a 24" lift, and the new swamper 49 1/2" tires

rusty nail - October 14th 2004, 09:23:21 AM
Your Trucks: '99'toyota my sister's
Region you wheel in: stewart ms
Comments: my sister talks about trucks all the time soi know a little about trucks the truck my sister has is pretty bad but she painted it lime green i saw she had already came to this site so it must be good i'll read it in a second but we need some help on this toyota it is pretty bad but it needs to be badder all my cousin's friends have mud trucks so we had to get her one.

kayla nail - October 14th 2004, 09:13:43 AM
Your Trucks: 99'toyota lime green
Region you wheel in: stewart ms
Comments: your site is pretty bad man!my trucks are about as big as that.tell me something how could i get a toyota a '99' to be as bad or badder thn that highlander.i mite be a girl but i love trucks.

Arno B - September 8th 2004, 07:58:47 PM
Your Trucks: 79 dodge power wagon , 360 ,new trany ,35's
Region you wheel in: way way north!! lol......badger mn
Comments: wishing i was there ! playing in some more mud !
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Chris cox - September 8th 2004, 07:48:08 PM
Your Trucks: 82 F150
Region you wheel in: hilton head s.c.
Comments: 302 every thing edelbrock, mallory ign,1200watt pioneer, a.p.c gauges, 4 weel disks 15 in custom rims,edelbrock shocks,I have owned 4 two years put over five thousand in cant find anay more custom parts need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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faulx - August 26th 2004, 08:34:00 PM
Your Trucks: for sale...
Comments: for sale 1977 gmc suburban & 1991 buick skylark anyone interested please e-mail me

jimy hare - July 31st 2004, 07:10:53 AM
Your Trucks: 1983 dodge ram
Clubs you're in: battlefield 4x4 club
Region you wheel in: stafford, fredericksburg
Comments: my short bed plum crazy purple dodge has a 16inch lift with 38.5x16x16.5 its a 1ton with a 383 bigblock with a auto trans.iam thinking of putting a 440 big block down in it.if ya think ya got what it take to bet this truck at the mudbogs come on and try it aug,7,2004 at the fredericksburg fair grounds.
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Tony - June 23rd 2004, 03:09:50 PM
Your Trucks: '78 Ford F-150. 39.5 Boggers, 460, yah know the basics.
Clubs you're in: Ugly Truck Offroad
Region you wheel in: Northwest where the trees are green and the mud is deep.
Comments: Pretty coll site. I like the shots of the build up.
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jason - June 12th 2004, 04:39:27 PM
Your Trucks: 83 f150
Region you wheel in: spartanburg sc
Comments: j
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Matt Wooten - May 21st 2004, 05:57:53 AM
Your Trucks: 94 jeep wrangler
Region you wheel in: North Carolina
Comments: I love trucks and i realy love trucks that play in the mud that is all i do in my free time my jeep is a beast it has a v8 and 6inch lift and 40inch boggers it is the mudding machine in my neck of the woods!
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Arno B - April 3rd 2004, 07:57:23 PM
Your Trucks: 79 dodge , 360 , no mods done yet !
Region you wheel in: greenbush mn
Comments: kick ass ! pic's........ wishing i was there ! just went out mudding today ! 4-3-04 !!!!!
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Ashley Garnett - March 5th 2004, 07:09:37 AM
Your Trucks: Ford ranger
Region you wheel in: Nova Scotia
Comments: Your website kicks ass I wish our town could put together awsome things like that
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Joe - February 29th 2004, 06:31:12 AM
Your Trucks: Chevy Siverado
Comments: Lots of cool pics
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Brandon Trepanier - February 26th 2004, 10:17:38 AM
Your Trucks: 1988 toyota 3" body, torsion bars cranked, add a leaves, 350 small block holly 700 carb with edelbrock heads and manifolds, bored 40 over with cams. tires: 35" super swamper boggers
Region you wheel in: Bemidji MN
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Dave - February 18th 2004, 12:32:53 AM
Your Trucks: 1978 Chevy scottsdale, 12" superlift, 3" body , 350 bored .30 over 400 crank, 9.5 to 1 pistons, 272 cam and then some, 38.5's to much to list. Lost to divorce currently building a 71 Ford F100 4x4
Clubs you're in: NMRO for 1 year, North American Hunting club
Region you wheel in: Cuurently Pacific Northwest
Comments: Loved your build up and giving details, First time out was awesome details as well. Now I miss my 78 I did the lift by myself in my parents drive way.
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fred - February 5th 2004, 05:56:59 PM
Clubs you're in: was in the stone pony's of so, cal 78'-80'
Region you wheel in: so,calif
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jay - January 23rd 2004, 04:57:34 PM
Your Trucks: 82 blazer 60 front ff.14 bolt rear detroit pumped up 400 sb 350auto 205 trans 18.4x16.1 goodyear tractor tires ...16x16 custom rims ...79 dodge stepside with gmc 2 1/2 ton running gear 6.17 440..727
Clubs you're in: n/a
Region you wheel in: gainesville florida
Comments: liked seeing pic's of buildup .. also mud pic's
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Jud - January 22nd 2004, 07:24:28 PM
Your Trucks: 1986 Dodge Ramcharger
Region you wheel in: Alabamer
Comments: hey, kool truck. i like the nissan pretty well. I have a 6 inch skyjacker susp. lift and custom 3 and 1/2 body. Im running 42 ground hawgs on it. I tore all of the half ton stuff out from under it so i found some 2 ton military axles out of a canvaas truck and i haven't been able to break them yet. they got 5.88 gears in them. its pretty weird because most people dont use many dodges for mudtrucks. most use chevy. that is my the way.Fords suck. i would rather have a geo metro to drive than any kind of ford.
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Doc - January 22nd 2004, 04:59:13 PM
Your Trucks: 1974 jeep j10, 1986 ford f150 ext cab
Clubs you're in: no bull four wheel club of idaho
Region you wheel in: pacific north west
Comments: nice page
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DOUGLAS A RUMER - January 8th 2004, 04:36:00 PM
Your Trucks: 95 s10
Clubs you're in: HARD HEAD RACEING
Region you wheel in: CRELLIN MARYLAND 21550
Comments: thank you for makeing this site
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