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'77 Chevy with a small block 400 and 35" BFGs.
Scott's Blazer was no match for the hole he found in Lake Texoma. He cut thru the middle of a small cove and was doing fine until it jumped out of 4 wheel drive. Cost about 100 bucks to get out.

The ~'87 Blazer has an Easy Locker up front and open in back, with 36" tires.

This is "Mike's" 7 day old Dodge 4X4 Sport. He got it stuck right after a rainstorm in Grand Forks, ND. The 2-1/2 ton got stuck trying to free his truck.
This is Scott's friend's truck (see above).  His Blazer has 4" springs to clear 33" tires & a fresh 350, but they were no match for the trail to the hole that Scott was stuck in.
You might recognize James Mace's truck from our Readers Rides page.  Here, James' 72 Chev and big block were too much for one of the front u-joints, which prevented him from making it out of this hole.  According to James, he "had to winch to the two (ughhhh!!) Fords to get out."
The 'Strangler' is an 84 Ranger 2wd frame with a Chev 350, TH350 tranny, and divorced 205.  The front axle is a Dana 44, and the rear is a Ford 9", and the wrangler body has been stretched to fit the frame.  As you can see here, the Strangler's lower ball joint has the owner suffering from acute separation anxiety.
The water hole was a lot deeper than it looked , clear to the head light and sinking more as it sat there !! WHOOOOPS guess next time we need to check the hole depth before we drive a
truck into it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And take a quick smell too becouse it smelled like something had died in that water... nasty stuff.  It took all most a month to get rid of the smell.
Tom's 9" of lift and 36" TSL's weren't quite enough to keep his Chevy out of the muck in this hole.  After a friendly rescue, it took him 30 minutes and about 2 gallons of water from the tailpipe to get running again.  The bad thing is, this is the small mud pit.


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