Memorial Weekend, 1998
If you have looked at the Buffalo run earlier this year, then you know that we had to replace the rear axle spring pads before going to the Memorial Weekend run.  Instead of stamped steel pads, we machined pads out of solid cold rolled steel.  Being solid will prevent them from being crushed in the future, and this time, I made sure to weld them on really good.  I took 3 passes with the stick welder, which was probably overkill, but at least they won't come off again!

Despite our hours of cleaning after Buffalo, we still didn't get the truck looking very good.  We did get most of the muck off of it, but we didn't scrub down the body, as you can see here.
The bog was a bit drier this year than it was last year, as you can see in the bottom picture.  We couldn't have dreamed of getting out quite that far last year.

Each year the holes get deeper and deeper.  The hole on the right wasn't really even a hole last year, but this year, it has grown to a size that will swallow nearly anything that attempts is.  The two on the lower picture have also found some holes of their own.

On Saturday night, the Land Limo and friends decided to put on a little suspension flex show.  (I wonder what a tractor tire would measure on an RTI index?)

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