Labor Day Weekend, 1998
Well, we were really slacking in the picture department for this event.  We didn't even take these pictures ourselves.  One of the other guys at the run (the one in the Jeep in the picuture to the left) was nice enough to make duplicates of these two for us.

This run was the driest that I have ever seen at this site, and we were able to go further out into the bog than ever before.  Unfortunately, that also became our downfall.  These pictures here show about 1/2 of what happened.  Jason and I went for 'one last run' on Monday morning.  Jason was driving Highlander, and I was driving Bits-n-Pieces.  Jason had just finished pulling me through a relatively deep section when he decided to aim us for a hole.  The hole was quite a bit deeper than Jason expected, and I was stuck in a rut and not quite able to keep my truck moving.  The result was that we were still strapped together, and both of us were stuck.

Our campground neighbor in the Jeep was nice enough to come out to try to get us out, but he just didn't have enough mass or speed to free us.  He also had been having problems with his steering, which broke again before he was through.  We then called on a couple of others, who got stuck just trying to get to us, leaving 5 trucks stuck.  We eventually got things cleared away, and even got Bits-n-Pieces out and back to the campground, leaving only Highlander.  After being stuck in the hole for about 5 hours, we were able to convince one of the Land Limo's buddies to come out to give us a pull.  These guys had the biggest trucks at the event, and were finally able to pull us out, but only after trying and failing from the rear, then pulling about 4 times from the front.

The first pull from the front broke the output shaft of our steering gearbox.  Luckily, the steering gear in my truck was exactly the same, and I was able to pull it out of my truck, and throw it into Highlander.  This allowed me to get Highlander out of the pit and onto the trailer.  Then I had to put the steering gearbox back into my truck so that I could drive it home.

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